It‘s 2022.
So why is your data not interoperable?

Platform of Trust brings Nordic flat-pack  interoperability to data ecosystems in the built environment. Finally, your data, your partners' data, shared in your own decentralised ecosystem.

Make any data* from any sources fully interoperable at an inconsequential cost with our tools and platform

Our unique tools provide a way to form your own autonomous data ecosystem, combine data products to solve problems that cannot be solved alone.

*Platform of Trust is not just an integration platform. Our Nordic flatpack toolkit and unique ways of working are aimed at helping you solve the problems that cannot be solved by your data alone.  Platform of Trust can connect and harmonise 10, 1,000, or 1,000,000 data sources. The Platform can manage legal rights oversight. Hard to believe? We have designed rights contracts that are machine-enforced. We're not consultants - we inspire and train your team, provide real examples using your data, then your teams make the magic happen. Our Nordic flatpack data ecosystem model is the only one like it in the world. 


Platform of Trust is an interoperability machine, allowing you to connect, harmonise, quality-control, and provide legal rights and contract management of:

  • any data,
  • with any standard,
  • from any source,
  • harmonising any format,
  • at any scale

Talk to us. It will be a conversation you haven't had before. 

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Platform of Trust, designed in Finland to overcome the barriers and costs of data interoperability so that complex problems can be solved

Our parent company pioneered Trust Services that address the collective action problem of the Grey Economy in construction in Finland and Sweden.  From this experience we designed Platform of  Trust to address collective action problems in the built environment.

Platform ecosystems are addressing problems like

  • Near Miss incident analysis - at an industry level. This level of data collaboration is a world first.
  • Implementing TAKT methods without the need for proprietary integration
  • Water meter reading across hundreds of different buildings - without any proprietary backbone
  • ESG implementation - manage energy, emissions, audits, material selection and installation consistent with today's requirements
  • Project lifecycle optimization -- manage the 50 year project lifecycle - build a data ecosystem that allows coherent management despite inevitable rotation of suppliers, partners, customers

Designed for every player in the built environment

Property owners »   

Put data to work with cooperating partners to improve operations, profitability. Work together to use data to improve operational and strategic decision-making.

Data  ecosystem for supply chain

Supply Chain »

Whether a construction company or a data service provider, Platform of Trust enables you to put together your data ecosystem. Use data to improve productivity, safety. Most important, use data to reduce project operational risk. 


End users »

Tenants enjoy smoother experiences without installing a proprietary backbone system. Adopt new data configurations and uses without significant integration costs. Tenant access control, energy management, space utilization - operational data sharing enables business impact. 

Set your data in motion - make your data a product

Data that is not moving has no value! Platform of Trust allows participants to turn real-time data into a product that is usable by other you select, define the rules for use by others and enter into data collaborations at an inconsequential cost 

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A suite of tools and coaching at your disposal

This is Nordic innovation - ergonomic, sustainable, efficient

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The Growth Train

Many entities in the Built Environment face similar collective action problems - around energy, utilisation smart maintenance, and more.  A better way to solve them is together through data sharing. 

Join other participants solving the same class of problem in what we call a Train.  Trains have drivers but there are no passengers - only participants.  Trains can be boarded at various points we call stations. 

A toolkit to productise your data

What is the difference between data, and a data product? A data product is in the format others can use, has attributes and standards - for example coffee beans vs a packaged coffee product. 

Our self-service data product toolkit helps you make your data more useable by others, allows you full control of how data is used. You can even attach a price to your data. 

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Kickstarter workshops

Although our Flatpack approach means customers create and manage your own data products, most customers want one of our acclaimed one-day workshops. We help you bring all parties in your ecosystem together, run exercises that show you how to create data products in under 60 minutes.

If you have APIs, we show you how to build connectors. If you need help, we will connect you with vetted consultants who can get you started. 

"Today's business problems require collaborative solutions. You need a new way to work, and a new toolkit to mobilize data."

Our mission

Help the Built Environment solve collective action problems through the mobilization of trusted data in autonomous trust networks - your own data ecosystem