What if you used your data?

The living environment creates an exponentially increasing amount of data. Still today, that valuable information is underused, forgotten, and, ultimately, unavailable. 

What would happen if we could unleash that data and make it available in a controllable way?

  • You could use it to create better and smarter buildings and cities
  • You could improve the productivity of any daily processes
  • You would earn with new services and innovative business models
  • You would save on time, energy and material costs

Main reasons you are not already doing these?

We believe these are the main reasons holding you back:

  • You might have a data strategy but no resources to execute it
  • You already know that integration processes are time consuming and costly
  • You are hesitant in choosing one vendor as you are not sure which one meets your needs in the long run
  • You don't know what will happen to your data if you release it (Who can use it? Who will benefit from it? Who owns it?)

Solution: Platform of Trust is the answer to all these uncertainties - we make your data flow easily, with marginal of cost while you rule your data


Why not make your data earn while you are at it?

We are creating a marketplace for data products and applications where you can offer your data for others to utilise or a ready made service or application for others to buy. You define the pricing, we take care of contracts and licensing. Automatically. (That's the trust part.)

When we launch in June 2019 we already have variety of users and data from real estate field

What you can achieve with access to built environment data

Platform of Trust creates an automated ecosystem of businesses, organisations, and cities. This means an expanding data network that gain from each other's data.

Offer valuable daily services

Turn buildings and living environments into service platforms. Trustworthy and compatible data helps make life easier for residents and employees.

Manage built assets better

Using a digital twin, get a real-time overview of your building, improve resource-efficiency, and reduce risk.

Improve construction productivity

Turn construction from manual work into industrialized business with trustworthy partners.

Create disruptive services

Challenge the vast real estate and construction industries with previously unseen solutions.


The building blocks of the platform


Platform of Trust enables smartness

The data platform

A vendor-neutral platform allows you to securely exchange data between applications and systems and link it to digital twins.

The trust

An authorization mechanism lets you manage your data and makes sure that what you receive is trustworthy and complete.

Selling and buying

A global marketplace allows you to distribute, buy, and sell data, applications, and services.

The communities

A group consisting of member organizations and premium customers steers the development of the platform. A community of developers makes it all rock.



Becoming operational in 2019

During spring 2019 the parties that have done pilots with us before are invited to join the first released version of the platform. This is how we make sure the platform we release in June is pure gold. 

The community is building up.

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Pilot cases:


Make real-time status data of a building to flow as a first step towards digital twin.


Measure real-time usage rate in three schools. Create solutions to increase space usage efficiency.


Create flexible space concept. Automated mandate management and electric locks make it easy to give visitor access to spaces.

Hack data!

Join the Community

Great and frictionless developer experience is one of the cornerstones of Platform of Trust 

It can only be achieved in co-operation with the application developers who use our developer portal and tools. Frictionless DX enables faster application development and increases developer love towards the platform. 

Join us in Github and ask technical questions in Stack Overflow with platform-of-trust tag.

Frequently asked questions

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