Our mission is to ensure trustworthy and sustainable Data Exchange

We’re the Data Exchange company with a strong focus on the built environment, and we are owned by the Real Estate and Construction industry. Our job is to create and manage data flows and enable data exchange. No more, no less. 

Freeing the world’s constantly growing information capital 

Data Exchange is not only a technological but also a business and legal issue. Due to the evolution of digitization and data exchange; due to the evolution of business paradigm; due to the growth of the European data market, the matter has a strong impact on organizations' Business, Legal and Technology.  

The impact is significant today, revolutionary in the future. Thus, we’re guided by our Operating Principles, which influence to significant areas of business operations. 


EU Data Strategy Compliance »

Europe and EU are boosting data-based economy across sectors. We help our customers to align themselves to these objectives

Data  ecosystem for supply chain

Ontological Data Mesh »

We base our offering on Ontological Data Mesh - a decentralized domain driven architecture, that lets business domains more control over the data 


Trust Elements  »

Trustworthy Data Exchange: Identified parties, agreed rules, and means to verify that the conditions are fulfilled, and all parties are truly trustworthy  

Building the trustworthy Future 

Our vision is a built environment where all parties are in a trust-based relationship with each other. Our mission is to ensure the trustworthy and sustainable Data Exchange.  

  • By Facilitating the Data Flows in between organizations 
  • By Improving Data Interoperability within Data Ecosystems 
  • By Enabling Contract-Based Data Exchange