Platform of Trust is a data-sharing ecosystem host

Platform of Trust is a unit of Vastuu Group, the Nordic leader in delivering trust-as-a-service to create better living conditions for all of society.

Vastuu’s trust services help maintain a level playing field for over 65,000 competitors in the built environment.

Platform of Trust is a data-sharing ecosystem host created by the Vastuu Group. We developed Platform-of-Trust to help customers solve data sharing and trust challenges that no party can solve alone.

The Platform of Trust team is 76 of the most ferociously independent data product designers, ontologists, API connectors, protocol developers and project managers from 13 countries.

Our ultimate vision for Platform of Trust is a fully automated method to productise and share any data according to mutually agreed trust stack. This does not exist anywhere on the planet, and we aim to collaborate with our customers to build it.

Our customers are developing applications they have always dreamed of but didn’t for reasons of cost or time or legal challenge.

Founded in 2018 | Subsidiary of Vastuu Group | Funded by public and private investors, 10M€, Nov 2018


Pekka Aalto

Sales Director
+358 50 364 4542

Vesa Ilmarinen

Chief Impact Officer
+358 40 508 6447

Netta Paavoseppä

Marketing Officer
+358 40 677 1437

Jaro "Lexa" Lexmond

Product Owner, APIs
+358 40 900 3598

Janne Uggeldahl

Product Manager
+358 500 354 907

Susanna Halinen

General Counsel
+358 40 542 5751

Utu Eloisa

Chief People Officer

Rikhard Tiula

Chief Product Officer, SignSpace
+358 40 579 6083

Our offices

Tarvonsalmenkatu 17 B
00260 Espoo

c/o MOW Supernova
Ratinankuja 1
33100 Tampere

Lapinlahdenkatu 16
00180 Helsinki

Billing information

Business ID: 2980005-2
Operator: Apix Messaging Oy
Address: 003729800052
OVT: 003729800052

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