Everyone on board a Growth Train

For customers sharing similar problems we have created Growth Trains

A Growth Train is a small "class" of participating customers who are coached by a Platform of Trust Lead Developer

Everyone on board. Bring your whole ecosystem.

  • Property owners
  • Service-providers
  • Data rights-holders
  • Application-providers

With you, we design a curriculum of monthly sprint workshops to allow participants to demo progress and exchange lessons learned.


Trains assembling now... get in touch to learn more

CO2 emission data flows

  • Automate collection of emission data
  • Calculate emissions with real data, not estimates or reference values
  • Incorporating Scope 1, 2 and 3 data (GHG protocol)

Industrial construction

  • Increase productivity in construction industry
  • Utilise process and standardisation driven methods, familiar in other industries
  • Efficient material flows
  • Enable take production and digital delivery

Concrete element lifecycle 

  • Streamline concrete element lifecycle
  • Both from material provider and construction company viewpoints

Advanced data

  • For data economy forerunners
  • Create new data based innovations
  • Monetize data

Near miss incidents in construction

  • Learn from near miss incidents
  • Collect near miss incidents automatically from site observation systems

Automatic water consumption invoicing

  • Collect water consumption data from many different systems
  • Transfer data automatically e.g. to invoicing systems
  • Helps to fulfil EU regulation

Energy consumption elasticity 

  • Make energy demand elasticity happen in built environment
  • Collect demand elasticity potential e.g. from collection of office buildings
  • Remove power spikes in energy production
  • Transfer demand elasticity signals back to building automation systems
Smart maintenance
  • Create new predictive maintenance methods
  • Win+Win: benefits both to building owners and to maintenance companies

Building maintenance data flows

  • Automated data flows between building owners and maintenance companies
  • E.g. maintenance calendar and service request data
  • Automated real time performance reporting


How a Growth Train works

There are Drivers and there are Passengers 

  • Drivers are doing primary development in the train process
  • Passengers get to see everything, ask questions and participate
  • Coaches are Platform of Trust developers, ontologists, data designers who participate in Sprint Workshops

Pricing? It's customised but here's an idea

  • It's a subscription model, more like a gym membership
  • The costs are low because your team is doing the work, doing the learning (and learning from other teams)
  • Drivers pay more because they are doing development work coached by Platform of Trust
    • A Driver team membership (up to three people) runs about €6K/month, billed in 3 month units
    • Passengers pay less ( €3k/month) because they are in observer mode
  • So an ecosystem of three Driver teams (property owner, service provider, application developer,) plus two data right holders as Passengers would cost €24k/month, each organization in the ecosystem paying its own way

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