Kickstarter Workshops

Ask any Platform of Trust customer about our workshops - you will understand they are the key to success

Our workshops are each led by a Platform of Trust Development Principal - not a "trainer" but an experienced data architect and operator. A curriculum of monthly sprint workshops allow participants to demo progress and exchange lessons learned.

Our Workshops are more like boot camps. Your teams do hard work together, develop capabilities based on experience, not just training

  • Theme identification, explore, identify and prioritise the phenomena you are addressing

  • Define and structure the business case for specific problems/cases

  • Identify and recruit other parties into your data ecosystem

  • Plan, test, implement, review

Pricing? It's customised but here's an idea

  • Platform of Trust operates a subscription model, more like a gym membership
  • The costs are low because your team is doing the work, doing the learning (and learning from other teams)
  • The initial workshop is our investment
  • We expect your company will convert to a monthly membership, roughly €6k/month, billed quarterly
  • As you start to harmonise data through the Platform, data charges will apply (see pricing here)
  • A customer moving 1 Tb through the platform would be paying under €3K/month

Get started

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