Improve property management with supply chain's data

You're trying to solve business problems. Now you can convene your supply chain to share data to improve decision-making and business performance at an inconsequential cost.

Platform of Trust brings streamlined data tools for property owners

  • Owner/managers - multiple buildings
  • Investment groups
  • Large Building Associations

The Nordic Flatpack approach gives you a data ecosystem and data products without any partner lock-ins

Solving business problems even as "simple" as energy or water consumption depends on using data from multiple parties - whose data taxonomies varies. You don't need to invest in building a proprietary platform. Instead you and partners build problem-solving applications directly. 

Working with Platform of Trust is not like working with an IT consultancy. We have built the tools and platform your teams need. We use workshops and collective problem-solving experiences to help your teams learn and do. If you need consultants to build specific analytics our vetted partner network is at your disposal. 

This is what we call the Nordic Flatpack approach. You are never locked in, you can change partners, you maintain complete control over where and how data is used. 

Data only has value when it is in motion.
Put your Partners' data to work solving business problems


Development Trains

Many entities in the Built Environment face similar collective action problems - around energy, utilisation smart maintenance, and more. A better way to solve them is together.

Join other participants solving the same class of problem in what we call a Train. Trains have drivers but there are no passengers - only participants. Trains can be boarded at various points we call stations.



What is the difference between data, and a data product? A data product is in the format others can use, has attributes and standards - for example coffee beans vs a packaged coffee product.

Our self-service data product toolkit helps you make your data more useable by others, allows you full control of how data is used. You can even attach a price to your data.


Kickstarter Workshops

Although our Flatpack approach means customers create and manage their own data products, most customers want one of our acclaimed one-day workshops. We help you bring all parties in your ecosystem together, run exercises that show you how to create data products in under 60 minutes.

If you have APIs, we show you how to build connectors. If you need help, we will connect you with vetted consultants who can get you started.

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