For End Users

Happy end users mean more stable tenancy, higher value, less risk.

End users are more satisfied when problems are solved without time-consuming intervention.

More relevancy, less friction for building's  users and management staff

  • Tenancies
  • Facilities owners
  • Facility managers
  • Customer service staff

Does it make a difference if an end user is able to regulate room temperature without calling staff or downloading a special application? The answer is expressed in the satisfaction of a tenant and their own end users. However until now provisioning services has been a costly process that leaves a tenant prisoner of a proprietary system. 

Working with Platform of Trust, you are able to use data to provide services with high value at inconsequential cost. 

Learn how to build services that delight your tenants and their end-users


Development Trains

Many entities in the Built Environment face similar collective action problems - around energy, utilisation smart maintenance, and more. A better way to solve them is together.

Join other participants solving the same class of problem in what we call a Train. Trains have drivers but there are no passengers - only participants. Trains can be boarded at various points we call stations.



What is the difference between data, and a data product? A data product is in the format others can use, has attributes and standards - for example coffee beans vs a packaged coffee product.

Our self-service data product toolkit helps you make your data more useable by others, allows you full control of how data is used. You can even attach a price to your data.


Kickstarter Workshops

Although our Flatpack approach means customers create and manage their own data products, most customers want one of our acclaimed one-day workshops. We help you bring all parties in your ecosystem together, run exercises that show you how to create data products in under 60 minutes.

If you have APIs, we show you how to build connectors. If you need help, we will connect you with vetted consultants who can get you started.

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