Frequently asked questions about Platform of Trust


Will Platform of Trust replace other platforms?
No, it is an extensive platform that can be linked to other platforms. You can also clone the platform and use it for your own purposes.
Does the platform own the data?
No. It gives data owners the means to manage the rights to use the data.
Is Platform of Trust a data storage platform?
No, it only transfers data. However, there will be data hosting services connected to the platform.
Who owns the platform software?
The software is open source, but the operator manages the rights to use it.
Does it work in Finland only?
Platform of Trust has Finnish origins, but it’s built to expand globally through the network of built environment innovation hubs.
Is Platform of Trust a business?
This is a non-profit organization steered by the user community.
How can I become a member of the community?
Official memberships are open. The platform is currently available for community members for  pilot testing . The platform will open in 2019 for extensive use.